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Hyperbaric Chambers for you PETS

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Offering affordable hyperbaric oxygen chambers (HBOT) for your pets.

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Pets Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Therapy (HBOT)

Pets Hyperbaric Chamber Features

The Pet Hyperbaric Chamber features a 46" diameter and 72" length.
The chamber offers easy access for your cat, dog or patient and friend.
Most any animal or creature will fit in this versatile chamber;
dogs, cats, monkeys, other zoo animals, snakes, bees, and many others.

Complete Pet Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber (HBOT) For only $10,500 you get the entire system

Complete Pet Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber (HBOT)
For only $11,500 you get the entire system:

- HBOT Chamber with the unique circumferential zipper allows ease of access with large rings to support and shape the chamber
- Carry Bag
- Observation window
- Kennel measuring 42" long x 28" wide x 30" high
- Convex Mattress
- 2 ultra quiet compressors for maximum noiseless air flow - Unique wedge type bolsters to steady and support the chamber
- Cooler/silencer to make the experience more comfortable and quiet, virtually eliminating motor noise
- External control panel for ease of use and control

* An optional aluminum external frame is available.

Optional Aluminum External Frame for Pet Hyperbaric Chamber

We have worked closely with the FDA to ensure that we have followed their guidance for veterinary hyperbaric chambers.
The FDA does not require clearance for veterinary hyperbaric chambers,
but they do recommend policies that we have incorporated in our manufacturing best practices.

In consideration for the increased sensitivity of animals' hearing we have added multiple sound suppression options,
included at no additional cost.

Huge Entrance For Pet HBOT Hyperbaric Chamber

With an entrance of over 40" you can see how easy it would be to use this chamber.
The chamber, with and without the optional frame, is pictured above.

Hyperbaric Chamber for Pets

You can observe the animal through a window to for allow monitoring of the animal.

Viewing Window Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber for your Pets

The hyperbaric chamber deflated with the kennel inside, without the optional frame. Frame is an extra cost.

Deflated Hyperbaric Chamber for Pets with Kennel Inside

The pet hyperbaric chamber deflated without the kennel inside, with the optional frame.

HBOT for Pets

The control panel can be moved around the chamber to a convenient location.
It controls the inflation and deflation, shows the pressure level inside the chamber and isolates
the relief valve from the chamber further quieting the environment inside.

Oxygen Control Valve Pet HBOT Hyperbaric Chamber

If your technician needs to be inside with the animal you can remove the kennel (All chambers are delivered with a kennel).
The FDA approves this practice by ensuring the chamber is manufactured under the FDA manufacturing best practice guidance.

FDA approved best practice manufacturing and guidelines

Standard with this great chamber is the patented passive cooler silencer.
By attaching a mini hyperbaric chamber in line with the compressor the chamber is isolated from all vibrations and noise.
In addition, the device cools the air by decompressing the air going into the chamber
using basic physical properties of cooling by decompression.
This patented cooler silencer adds to the comfort and control of the hyperbaric experience.

Passive Cooler and Oxygen Silencer for Pet Hyperbaric Chamber
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Best Price Offer: $11,500*

* Does not include Oxygen Concentrator. Call for details.

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